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Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y., tubist Marcus Rojas has performed with such diverse groups as The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, American Symphony Orchestra, Radio City Music Hall, The New York Pops and ensembles led by Lionel Hampton, David Byrne, Charlie Haden and P.D.Q. Bach among many others. He has held the chair of nine Broadway shows including Lincoln Center’s acclaimed productions of South Pacific and My Fair Lady.


An avid proponent of contemporary, improvised, and chamber music, he has performed the premieres of such notable composers as John Zorn, Dave Douglas, La Monte Young, Gunther Schuller, and Peter Schickele. He has recorded for every major film, television, and record company in the United States as well as countless commercial jingles and over 70 film scores, including Interview with the Vampire, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Fargo and Sleepless in Seattle. He has most recently been a member of Paul Simon’s touring band and performed with both Paul and Sting on the Paul Simon and Sting Together tours of Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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